Psquare Fails To Impress Nigerians With Their 3 New Releases

September 1, 2014. Posted by: Henry


Nigerian singers Psquare’s release of 3 new singles and a video, with one which starred American rapper, T.I, has failed to impress many Nigerians.

After 48 hours of calculated hype and social media awareness, the three singles – Ejeajo Ft. T.I, Skekini, and Bring It On Ft Dave Scott – were finally released yesterday, and the video began to rack up Youtube views. At the moment, it has surpassed the 80,000 mark.

The singles however, have been met with a lukewarm reaction from a number of Nigerians and websites. With comments via social media and leading music sharing channels showing a distinct lack of impression.

Many comments in NotjustOk, Tooxclusive, Pulse,ng, and many leading websites concerning the ‘Ejeajo’ video maintains that things at Psquare’s camp had got out of control sinceJude Okoye, their elder brother took a hand in directing their videos. Others look at Psquare’s previous releases to hammer home their disgust at the way things have played out, with the brothers trying to get their ‘Hollywood’ on.

A comment piece used the words:what was Jude okoye and clearance peers thinking, this video is crap, i can direct a better video than this. the color grading is ****ed up, who ever was the dop should go back to film sch. for goodness sake, this p square, they deserve better than this crap, as a matter of fact, they are the ones who started doing quality videos in Africa. word of advice, p square forget about ur bro, he should stick to managing u guys because he is a wack director, he should either go to a proper film sch or stop directing ur videos. video concept was nice, but the camera and the shoots u guys used didnt fit the concept. am ashamed of u guys. holla at me for a better video…

Another read: “Lmaoooooo PSquare really??? smh at you guys. Where is originality? Dead I suppose. “I got the Magic” Robin Thicke, “Go low” FloRida, dance moves look like Michael Jackson, yal still looking like Usher. Even the “Ejeajo” doesn’t enter well…seems forced. like yal did the entire song already and had to squeeze the phrase on there just to be able to market it to Nigerians. Good job on that aspect cause these dummies eating it up like cake. For all those that will hate this comment, do your research before you judge me, thanks.

The comments maintain that it is striking how Psquare got“Mediocre video and corny song by P-SQUARE standards, T.I. came good as many already said ” and The Okoyes must invest in songwriters if they don’t want to fade after their 6th album. Enough with these house-negro inferiority complex abeg!

The comments single out the ever-growing Westernization of Psquare’s videos of recent, after the releases of certain visuals including, ‘Personally’, which was a subtle tribute to the fallen King of Pop, Michael Jackson“Play, MJ moves, pause, comment, close window. Didn’t even hear nothing. Good or bad o, na una sabi. Until later, MJ moves is a stale n overused joint in a new jar.”

P.square should create a profile on and upload it there themselves…this is garbage…i see chris brown on this remix…..”

if taio Cruz catch thisboyz ehn… sample sample! lol… nice effort tho. Loll smh this is shiitttt keep it africa dont try going yankee tinssssss rubbishhhh”

For the other songs, Shekini, a high-tempo song seemed to fare better. Even though many pointed to the recycled beat of the song, they still commended the effort.

I no like shoki, buy P square don pimp am now… i love shoki by force.. Don jazzy steal Wizkid material and stole DoroBuchi beat from Ghana… Stop hating, just make am and stop hating.One commenter said.

Another also noted that “This is Just Sekem by MC Galaxy, no wander you say you di do Ronaldo. . But didn’t seem to mind as the song is “Very sweet,it will go far more than shoki or what is it called,who wants to bet me,I love this jam die 😀

The major highlight of this song though is how it keeps everyone guessing the originality of the beat. Many artistes were called, with the leading names below.

smiliar rhythm to OritseFemi ‘redi dance’ but takes nothing away from this; the market is large enough for all to blow!!!”

This is Just Sekem by MC Galaxy, no wander you say you di do Ronaldo.”

Are u sure harrisong didn’t write this song?”

na shoki be this na,, haba”

maybe its my ear….everything sound like RUNTOWN”

Skelewu beat… or is it me”

Yaro or shoki remix”

shekini track looks like the dorrobucci one but it’s cool tune nice done p2”

@Shekini…….P Squares own version of shoki,not to bad”.

Not all was bad and polarizing, as everyone seems to be in love with the final single, Bring It On, a n uplifting song withDave Scott.

The creativity behind the lyrics and delivery didn’t go unnoticed, and was duly rewarded with praise and commendations.

great song guyz nice and breath taking i love you guyz keep bring it on hits upon hits #peace”

Best of the Three Singles…6th Album ( lyrics don finish Awww) lol
**westernised by default***”

This is a wonderful song.. Psquare remain kings in the game”

…Song = 10/10
…Lyrics = 10/10
…Message = 10/10

…Need i say more
…This Twins are outta this world
…My best jam outta the three singles

…One word to qualify this talented twins

Am only suprised P-square can be dis creative… David Scott…. WOW!!! Nice one twins>> AND THIS IS MUSIC! Keep it up”

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